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Our goal is to provide you a one stop shop for super cute stitch patterns as well as tips and tricks to improve your stitching.  We hope you stick around on our journey and help our garden grow + bloom! 

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Our 2020 Holiday Alphabet Collection is here!  I'm just thrilled at how adorable all the alphabets turned out.  Just like with my kids, I don't have a favorite!  With 5 different patterns to choose from, you can choose your favorite or buy them all!   Each pattern includes 26 UPPERCASE letters A-Z, 0-9 and an assortment of punctuation marks.  A set of bonus holiday doodle stitches is included for extra cuteness! Head on over to our Etsy Shop to purchase these patterns and spread holiday cheer!

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The Daisy Tree


I'm cranking out holiday alphabet patterns as fast as humanly possible! Why you ask?  Because it's oh so fun and they are so darn cute! As we all know, time is not on our side during the holidays.  That why our alphabets are designed to stitch out super fast.  You can find them all over on my Etsy Shop!

Yoga + Kids Goodies

Life before designing hand embroidery + cross stitch patterns involved machine embroidery pattern design. Due to my obsession with fabric + color, I opted to sell loads of yoga mat wraps + colored pencil/crayon rolls. You can still snag yourself a goodie or two!  Check out my Etsy Shop!


Organization is my middle name!  I'm always trying to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.  Check back for helpful printables in the future!

New to cross stitch + hand embroidery

Check out our tutorials!

Remember when I said "it's a brand spanking new website"? Well our tutorials are in the works right now. I'm super excited to share with you all my favorite tips for stitching and products I can't stitch without! 

Here's what's planned for our tutorials: 

1. Fabric - Aida what?  14, 18, 22, 25, 32 count what??  

2. Hoops + Needles + Thread oh my . . . 

3. Starting + Ending + Basic Stitches 

4. What do all these symbols mean? Is this a new language?!

5. Showing the world your AMAZING new talent!  


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